There are many wine varieties. There are also many types of soil: from deep loess to meager gravel. Then there is the land itself, which can range from flat, even ground to steep hillsides called Kessellage. The interplay between varieties, soils, and landscapes is sensitive and complex, but in the end the result speaks for itself.

Today, our vineyard follows the principles of biologic and organic cultivation, with the intention of constantly improving our methods. We see it not only as our business goal, but also our cultural duty, which expresses itself through respect for nature. Over the years, we have gathered concrete experiences, learned a lot, and never lost sight of our goal: naturally grown quality, and enjoyment, that come from within.

White Wine

Our Grüner Veltliner ripens from deep loess grounds to a fresh, fruity wine with a distinctive character. We call it Pfefferl. The wine magazine Vinaria has characterized Grüner Veltliner as a model example of what the variety should be like, and in all modesty, we feel we have nothing to add to that description.

Our Weißburgunder (Pinot blanc) matches in our Landscape as if it were created for this wine. Always a Prädikatwein, or “high quality” wine, always fruity, full-bodied, elegant and discreet.

Our Chardonnay develops its fruity apple touch: always a noble impression.

Our Riesling obviously enjoys the loose, gravely ground in the Neuriss area. We only just tried growing in these soils a few years ago, and are really happy with the results: very fruity and fine, aromatic and classy.

Our Roter Veltliner has never disappointed us in the last 30 years. What’s more, it is corpulent, aromatic, and sensitive with a classy sourness as a backbone and an indication of authentic quality.

Our Terra Antiqua, a natural wine from different white wine grapes from bio-organic farming, is produced without additives such as red wines. The whole grapes are carefully milled, spontaneously fermented and carefully pressed after six months of maceration. After further 6 months of aging in a used wooden barrel, is minimally sulfurized and bottled without filtration. The result is a complex wine with a lot of structure and colour.
Recommendation: leave the wine after pouring some time and use a large glass, optimal drinking temperature at 14 ° C.

Red Wine

Our Blauer Portugieser honors its authentic environment and is tempting, dark, full-bodied, and mild.

Our Sankt Laurent enjoys its warm position on the Fuchsberg hills, and rewards us with a strong, dark color, an aroma of fresh cherries and a nice structure of tannin.

Our Zweigelt gets more important to us every year: a full-bodied, strong red wine with fine tanning agent components, its bouquet suggests ripe berries.

As extravagant outsiders we have Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Both ripen in a wooden barrel for up to 3 years and reach an excellent quality. Over this time time, the tannin gets integrated perfectly and we can be proud of these classy wines with a multilayered character and endless depth.


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