Those who build friendships with wine naturally also want to take some home with them too. For generations, the Himmelbauer family has not been able to bring itself to hand its wine treasures over to some unknown wine merchant. Instead, they take a shorter, more honest, approach, passing it directly from hand to hand: from the wine grower, to the Weinfreund, or wine lover. And if, for some reason, the Weinfreund does not have the time to enjoy the wine in the cellar where it is stored, then it can, of course, be packaged up and sent home with them. But even so, longing for the Weinviertel is likely to remain. The wine cellar will always call, with its cool, dark depths beckoning on hot summer days: perhaps to taste the first, frothy grape juice early in the fall, or the Sturm somewhat later in the year, or, for the Feast of St. Martin, a Staubigen. And then, in wintertime: the clear, crisp cold of the Kellergasse and soft beckoning of the cellars. As the evening draws on during such a wine-loving day, it is good to remember that Himmelbauer also provide lodging for the night. Because, after all, it would be a shame to have to stop early.

As said before: There are also those people who buy their wine at the supermarket. Sympathy for these poor souls is misplaced: they chose this path themselves.


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